Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Few Thoughts/Thank You Jack Johnson

I've been thinking a lot recently. I know this may seem like a change of pace to some of you, but I always reflect once in a while. Now, I don't reflect upon religion (as I'm not religious), but upon my past.

My life has been inundated with school and theater work. I go to school early in the morning, go to school drama rehearsals, and then head home for an hour or two, and then zoom to Allegro for rehearsals. And that's just the week. On weekends, I'm there a good portion of my day. It's hectic, crazy, and I rarely love every moment of it. I have my fair share of bad times all over, where stress overcomes me.

However, recently, I've discovered something therapeutic that has been around me my entire life, but that I have only just now tapped. It's a little thing called music. And there's one CD in particular that disseminates all stress that I feel. I mean ALL. It's just gone. That CD is Jack Johnson's "On and On."

This is the kind of CD that I will recommend to everyone. It brings back memories of this past summer.

On June 11th, 2004, I had a half day due to finals. I did a killer job on my Choir and Spanish finals, and my mom and I planned to take a ride out to Coconuts near Costco, since I had a gift card there. I had had my eye on Jack Johnson's "On and On" for a while, so I chose that. Then I noticed that with any purchase, you could get a Tom Clancy movie for 5 bucks. Cool. I went to Subway, got a sandwich, went home, ate, and watched my movie. Around 5 o'clock, my friend picked me up, and we headed out to Medieval Times in East Rutherford. There were five of us, plus his family, so it was a great trip. (To those of you that went: how many of you actually googled those torture devices there?) Then I headed home at 11 o'clock. When I got home, my brother's friends were all sleeping over. I decided to hang with them, watching Family Guy until 4 in the morning. Then I fell asleep to my new CD.

Then Disney World came two weeks later. That week was one of the best of my life, due to the number of things I now wanted (and had the courage) to do. And three weeks later, I headed to Cape May for the family vacation. And that CD was there with me, helping me relax.

I know this seems lame, to go through and list what I did with such pathetic detail.

But you know how I remember such vivid details (and there's much more than is here)? It's that CD. It calms me, relaxes me, and makes me think of an amazing summer that I had. It went too fast, and this CD is helping me treasure the memories. Heck, the other night, I was listening to "On and On" and I cried. Who cries to a CD? Me, apparently, when such great memories are triggered.

So thank you, Jack Johnson. For your music. Inspiration. Whatever. You're the man. In sum, I know these memories will never unfold the same way again, but I'm crossing my fingers that "On and On" can hold even more.

You know, I'm sure it will.


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