Sunday, May 08, 2005

Join the Dark Side

Now. Before it's too late.

Conversation with Mazin about the great early LucasArts games over the past few years:
[00:07] SuXoR89: that was before things like.. broadband internet and
[00:07] SuXoR89: digital cable
[00:07] OrisDeInferi: wow
[00:07] OrisDeInferi: that's a long time ago
[00:07] SuXoR89: yeah man.
[00:07] SuXoR89: i can't even think back that long
[00:07] OrisDeInferi: damn drugs
[00:07] SuXoR89: i mean i bet you back then
[00:07] SuXoR89: they had to do things like
[00:08] SuXoR89: MAIL things with likie
[00:08] SuXoR89: PAPER
[00:08] SuXoR89: and like
[00:08] SuXoR89: STAMPS
[00:08] SuXoR89: and stuff
Lots of fun. Goodnight moon.


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