Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah

Why does it always have to be Oprah?

Oprah has now turned on author James Frey, who wrote that steaming pile of crap "A Million Little Pieces," (in which, incidentally, he shows a complete lack of editing, as Every other Word is capitalized For emphasis). She had him back on her show and lambasted him for lying about the truth in his work.
Here's the greatest part: she just supported him a few weeks ago, when The Smoking Gun first broke the story that Frey's work may have been heavily fictionalized.

Winfrey's scolding of Frey came just two weeks after she called in to defend him when he appeared on CNN's "Larry King Live" show.

"I regret that phone call," Winfrey said Thursday.

And sure enough, the above quote came from an ABC News story that analyized how she was merely protecting her brand (full story here). I don't know if I'm remembering wrong, but I think Oprah talked about Frey being her friend, or the other way around. Regardless, it's still pretty typical that someone who called in to defend somebody would just turn around and stab that friend in the back, especially to protect their reported $1.1 billion worth.

But I'm taking this opportunity to clarify. I wouldn't do that to any of my friends. Unless, of course, my net worth was $1.1 billion. So don't worry guys. Your "million little lies" are in safe hands with me.